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Smartmatic electronic voting system functions perfectly

Caracas, August 16, 2004.-
Smartmatic Corporation announced today that the electronic voting system used in the Venezuelan Presidential Recall Referendum functioned perfectly. And a diagnostic program run by the SBC Consortium showed the SAES set a series of records throughout the course of the election.

"We are gratified that our electronic voting system functioned flawlessly in its first major test - the largest electoral turnout in Venezuelan history - but we weren't surprised. We've always had incredible confidence in our system," said Antonio Mugica, President of Smartmatic Corporation.

According to the SBC Consortium, the electronic voting machines were installed and operational in record time - 50% at 7:00am and 98.75% by 9:30am. And, for the first time in Venezuelan history, the transmission process for results from 90% of the machines was completed in less than two hours. Also for the first time, a tally of partial results was obtained in less than thirty minutes.

As a result of these records, the National Electoral Commission and the International Observers from the Carter Center and the OAS made clear their satisfaction with the functionality of the system and the precision of the results.
From the individual vote through the electronic transfer of data to the final tally, the SAES has offered absolute security and transparency to the electoral process. And a key component of the SAES system is the paper ballot printed by the machine. The paper ballot not only allows voters the opportunity to verify their selection, but, more importantly, it also makes post-election audits a possibility. Any decision to conduct an audit, however, must be made by the National Election Commission as they are the owners of Electronic Voting System.

"We're completely open to an audit of the electronic voting system. Preliminary tests, detected no problem in the machines, the transmission or the final tally. There were no numerical inconsistencies then and there is no reason to believe there would be any now," added Mr. Mugica.

Smartmatic's electronic voting system underwent both a National Pilot Test on July 18th and an audit on August 8th. Both of these events were conducted in coordination with the National Electoral Commission and witnessed and approved by International Observers from the Carter Center and the Organization of American States as well as members of the Coordinadora Democratica and Comando Maisante:

Some facts about the electronic voting system on the day of the Referendum:

- 98.8% of the machines installed in the 4,766 electronic voting centers functioned perfectly throughout the day.
- At 7:00 am more than 50% of the SAES3000 electronic voting machines were fully operational. By 9:3 0am 99.8% were in operation.
- Of the 106 electronic voting machines that had any type of problem, 75% were repaired or replaced within 60 minutes.
- Of the 19,668 electronic voting machines, only .13% had problems that were not repairable.
- It took a maximum of 45 seconds for voters to exercise their right to vote on the SAES3000 electronic voting machines.

About Smartmatic
Smartmatic is a multinational company that specializes in the design and end-to-end deployment of complex purpose-specific technology solutions. With an unsurpassed technology base, continuous innovation, and quality in processes and results, Smartmatic is organized around three business areas: Electronic voting systems, intelligent and integrated security systems for large enterprises and governments, and advanced solutions for people registration and authentication for a wide range of government applications.

Smartmatic is a privately held company with offices in the US, Mexico, Venezuela, Barbados, Spain, Philippines and Taiwan.  It has more than 200 employees worldwide.  Its capacity for innovation and wide range of products and services have earned Smartmatic extensive recognition in the technology community worldwide.

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