1. Smartmatic announces the launching of HomeWatch 1.0

    Caracas, January 31, 2002.- Smartmatic officially announced the launching of HomeWatch, the most advanced, innovative and affordable residential security solution now available in the market. "HomeWatch provides benefits by creating added...[more]

  2. Smartmatic receives the South Florida Technology Award

    Miami, July 11, 2001.- The device-networking solutions provider Smartmatic, announced its nomination as finalist of the South Florida Business Journal's 2001 Technology Award, an award that recognizes the most outstanding high technology companies...[more]

  3. Smartmatic expands to the U.S. west coast

    SunnyVale, June 26, 2001.- Smartmatic, the device-networking solutions provider, announced the opening of new offices in SunnyVale, California, in the heart of Silicon Valley, to create businesses in the west coast of the United States. "In...[more]

  4. Smartmatic launches a new platform for ultrasafe device-networking

    Caracas, March 05, 2001.- Smartmatic, the device-networking solutions provider, officially presented its ultra-safe device connectivity platform, Smartmatic 1.0, based on a series of the firm's proprietary innovations. "The launching responds...[more]

  5. Smartmatic inaugurated new headquarters in Boca Raton

    Boca Raton, November 17, 2000.- Founded in April of this year, in Boca Raton, Fl., Smartmatic a provider of technological solutions based on device-networking, opened a new office to carry out its financial, sales, manufacturing quality control, and...[more]

  6. Smartmatic launches the new applications server

    Caracas, August 03, 2000.- Smartmatic, the technological solutions provider, officially launched the Smartmatic Applications Server, SAS, for a wide range of automation services and facility management. "SAS can interconnect with any type of...[more]

  7. Microsoft awards Smartmatic for technological innovation

    Redmond, July 15, 2000.- With only a few months operating, Smartmatic, the device-networking based solutions provider, is already recognized as one of Microsoft 's Top Five Packaged Application Partners of the Year, and the most outstanding in Latin...[more]

  8. SIA granted Smartmatic the 'Security Industry's Finest' award

    New York, June 10, 2000.- The Security Industry Association of the United States (SIA) gave its Security Industry's Finest award for technological innovation for the east coast of the country, to the technological solutions provider Smartmatic, for...[more]