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Brasilia, October 8, 2012.-  Smartmatic, global leader in electoral technology, provided technical and logistical support services for the municipal elections of the Latin American giant, Brazil, carried out last Sunday, October 7.  

In this first voting round, about 140 million Brazilians were able to vote for new mayors and councilmen in 5,568 municipalities.  

While Smartmatic deployed its automated voting solution in the Venezuelan presidential election, that same date the company was in charge of the support of data and voice communications in Brazil, as well as of the task of recruiting and training of 14,000 professionals who worked in 480,000 polling stations provided with over 500,000 voting machines.  

In the Brazilian election, 299 municipalities used a biometric system for voter authentication. The Electoral High Court of Brazil (the Tribunal Superior Eleitoral, or TSE) hopes that the biometric identification system is used nationwide for the 2018 presidential election.

“For Smartmatic it has been a great achievement and a great honor to provide our support services to the Brazilian High Electoral Court, not only due to the scope of the technical deployment, but also because Brazil has been a pioneer in electronic voting”, stated Antonio Mugica, Smartmatic’s CEO.