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Caracas, October 4th, 2012.- Smartmatic will once again deploy its electoral technology and support services in Venezuela for the upcoming 2012 Presidential Election on October 7th.  
On this day, 18,903,143 citizens will be able to vote in 39,018 polling stations distributed among 13,810 polling centers. Moreover, 100,495 Venezuelan citizens will vote abroad in 304 stations located in Venezuelan embassies and consulates.

The process will be 100% automated, which means that all polling stations in the country will have electronic equipment (voting machines and e-ballots) and software designed and built by Smartmatic and acquired by the National Electoral Council (CNE), so that every single vote is electronically counted, transmitted and tallied. 

Two innovations will provide important added value to this election. The new e-ballot is larger and has no ovals, so voters can make their choices by pressing on the candidate's name, face, or party logo. 

The Integral Authentication System (SAI) will also be deployed for the first time, allowing the voter to activate the voting machine through his fingerprint, adding yet another security layer to the integrity of the voting process.

Smartmatic, together with the CNE, will be in charge of setting up the automated voting system and of the logistical, technical and human deployment throughout Election Day. Before the election, the Electoral Authority organized several events to audit the system, which confirmed its proper operation. The source code of the application was audited, as well as the software setup and priming of the machines, the full operation of the Integrated Authentication System (SAI) and all software elements.