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Bregenz, Austria, July 14th, 2012.- During the Fifth International Conference on Electronic Voting EVOTE2012 held from July 11th until July 14th in Castle Hofen in Lochau / Bregenz, Austria, among the many forums and activities celebrated during the event there was a workshop about the electronic voting system -designed by Smartmatic- to be used in the upcoming Venezuelan elections.

Attendees had the opportunity to learn first-hand about how the innovative system works, as well as exchange opinions and thoughts about its many benefits, including its high levels of auditability.

Among the elements composing the Venezuelan system are different software programs to support and monitor the election, automatic generation of voting instruments and results publication. In terms of hardware, the system has a biometric device for authentication of voters, electronic ballots to select the preferred candidate of the elector and voting machines with touchscreen for voting, counting and transmission of results.

The robust electronic voting system from Smartmatic has been deployed in the Latin American country numerous times since 2004. In each of the elections held, the platform was tested successfully ensuring all participants a fast, smooth and accurate voting experience. The security, reliability and transparency of the system have been tested in hundreds of audit processes validated by the most prestigious international observer missions.

EVOTE2012 is a forum that brings together experts from academia, administration, government as well as business to discuss the latest trends and developments in the field of voting technology. This year the theme of the conference was Challenges for Electronic Voting - Transparency, Trust and Voter Education.

EVOTE2012 was organized by the Competence Center for Electronic Voting and Participation, professional and independent expert body for information technology in the electoral process, whose mission is to generate knowledge about the future of the vote. The conference is known for its interdisciplinary and open dialogue among all stakeholders of electronic voting..