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Tbilisi, Georgia, February 25th 2013.- ‘Conflict Management in Electoral Processes’ – was the main topic of the third annual meeting of Election Management Bodies of Central Asia, Central, Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, stated Zurab Kharatishvili, Chair of the Central Electoral Commission of Georgia, who afterwards expressed his satisfaction as the successful meeting's host.

For Mr. Kharatishvili, working with fellow high-level electoral officials from many countries, and having them share their experiences and practices, surely contributes to an improved electoral climate and international voting norms and customs.

This important event, organized by the Central Electoral Commission of Georgia with the cooperation of the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies, was attended by representatives from the electoral commissions of Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Indonesia, Iraq, Israel, Kazakhstan, Kyrgyzstan, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldova, Nepal, Romania, Ukraine and Georgia. 

Among the lectures we can highlight those of the Association of European Election Officials (ACEEO), which dealt with their experiences regarding security issues during the organization of elections; the one by the Israeli Electoral Committee, on the resolution of election-related conflicts; and the one delivered by the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies, which detailed the role of the participation of interest groups in democratic processes.   

Smartmatic, the world leader in electoral automated solutions, took part in the meeting with two lectures: one which covered the proper use of technology to guarantee transparency in elections, and another which dealt with the management of complex electoral processes, taking the elections in the Philippines as a successful example. The multinational also presented its latest-generation, integral voting solution to the public. The solution includes the SAES-4300, a touch-screen voting machine with an added printer for voting vouchers; the RSA, a biometric identification device for voters; and the VP1500 e-ballot. The SAES-888, SAES-3370 and the PARkit were also showcased.

Smartmatic is the electoral technology provider that has carried out the largest e-voting deployments in the world, using both optical scanners and voting machines with the capability to produce printed vouchers. Several nations, including Belgium, the Philippines, Venezuela, the United States, Curacao and Brazil, have strengthened their government systems and improved the management of their elections with the support of Smartmatic services and robust technology.