1. Smartmatic develops a prototype for electoral automation

    Caracas, April 02, 2003.- Smartmatic, the device-networking solutions provider, officially presented its prototype for election automation, based on their ultra-safe Device networking technology, after successfully passing all the laboratory tests...[En savoir plus]

  2. IBM Mexico becomes a sales and services channel of Smartmatic

    Mexico City, March 17, 2003.- IBM, world leader in information services and technologies, signed an agreement with Smartmatic, device-networking solutions provider, to market its physical security solutions in the Americas. After a heated round of...[En savoir plus]

  3. Cestek and Smartmatic align business strategies

    Mexico City, November 26, 2002.- Smartmatic, the device-networking solutions provider, and Cestek Dimeyco Sistemas, a provider of technology services, formalized in this city a joint venture for providing services to Santander-Serfin Bank. The...[En savoir plus]

  4. Santander-Serfin Bank buys SmartBank

    Mexico City, November 06, 2002.- Santander-Serfin, one of the three most important financial groups in Mexico, signed a contract to install SmartBank, the solution developed by Smartmatic for the simultaneous management of security in thousands of...[En savoir plus]

  5. SmartBank added to Unisys solutions portfolio

    Mexico City, October 10, 2002.- Unisys, the giant in information technology services and solutions, and world leader in electronic security, incorporates Smartmatic as a strategic partner for its new Infrastructure Security Program in the...[En savoir plus]

  6. CANTV will market HomeWatch in Venezuela

    Caracas, September 23, 2002.- HomeWatch, the residential video-surveillance and security solution based on the device-networking platform developed by Smartmatic, will be marketed in Venezuela by CANTV, the most important telecommunications company...[En savoir plus]

  7. Smartmatic announces an agreement with Geutebrueck to manufacture the VideoDVC

    Bonn, August 04, 2002.- Smartmatic, the device-networking solutions provider, announced this Tuesday an agreement with Geutebrueck to manufacture its VideoDVC controller. The alliance was made in Windhagen, close to this city. The VideoDVC,...[En savoir plus]

  8. Smartmatic presents the security solution SmartBank 1.0

    Caracas, July 11, 2002.- Smartmatic, the company specialized in device-networkingofficially announced the launching of SmartBank, a unified security and automation solution specially designed for banks. "Given the great need for security and...[En savoir plus]

  9. Smartmatic presents version 2.0 of its ultrasafe device-networking platform

    Caracas, April 23, 2002.- Greater connection capacity, controllers with a flexible modular architecture, and a more advanced integration with business systems, are some of the advantages of the recently launched version 2.0 of the device-networking...[En savoir plus]

  10. Smartmatic joins Microsoft's WEP program

    Caracas, February 11, 2002.- Microsoft, the world's largest software producer, certified Smartmatic as member of its Windows Embedded Partner (WEP) program, an initiative to further and provide technical assistance to embedded applications...[En savoir plus]