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Many technologies introduced by Smartmatic in the fields of electronic voting and are now industry standards and in many cases mandatory requirements.

Since 2004, Smartmatic has counted more votes than any other private company. It has recorded more than 3.7 billion audited votes, and its technology has been recognized by the major international election observation missions.

The First Biometric Electoral Register carried out using Smartmatic technology by the National Electoral Court of Bolivia was a massive project, whereby 5 million citizens were registered in only 75 days.

In 2010, Smartmatic was selected by the Development Programme of the United Nations to provide new technologies for the improvement of the electoral register of the Republic of Zambia.

In 2011, Smartmatic won an 18-year contract to implement and operate an automated fare collection and fleet management system in Cartagena, as part of this Colombian city’s new integrated mass transport system.

In 2012, Belgium chose Smartmatic to design and manufacture its electoral hardware and software for the next 15 years. Smartmatic technology has been used in at least four elections.

In Venezuela, Smartmatic has provide election technology and services for the last fourteen national elections. In this country, Smartmatic helped conduct the world’s first election with biometric authentication of every voter.

Smartmatic has worldwide presence with active marketing in over 40 countries.