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Hong Kong, March 16?-18 2010.- Smartmatic, a multinational supplier of high tech solutions will officially launch in Asia its most advanced biometric registration solution; the PARmobile. The product will be available for display in the first edition of Cartes in Asia 2010, an extension of the famed event held in Paris every year.

The PARmobile has been developed by Smartmatic for identification and registration processes. It is a robust and portable solution that makes data collection easier by integrating in one unit all the components used in such processes such as cameras, fingerprint scanners and signature pads. The PARmobile was designed to work in hard conditions while safely storing the data.

Among PARmobile key features are:

  • Portable and light, designed to be conveniently transported and used.
  • Automatic picture cropping and double flash source.
  • Up to 3 hours of internal battery autonomy and 8 extra hours with external battery
  • Configurable fingerprint scanner, from 1 to 10 fingers
  • Able to work with solar power panels, diesel generators, gas, UPS, etc.
  • Prints voter lists, identity documents, electronic cards, etc.

In recent years, Smartmatic has strengthened its position as a technology supplier in Asia; this year the company will be in charge of automating the General Elections in the Philippines along with the national authorities. This project is the largest of its kind to be carried out by a private company. Also, Smartmatic has a manufacturing plant in Taiwan.

''We are pleased by the way the Asian market has received our technology. We know the PARmobile has many features that can be used throughout the continent, aiding governments to fulfill their commitments to their citizens'' said Cesar Flores, President of Smartmatic Asia-Pacific.

Smartmatic's Identity Solution has been deployed throughout the world. Last year it was used in voter registration in Bolivia. Later, Mexico acquired the technology to make a new biometric ID card and in 2010 it was awarded by the UN, through the UNDP to carry out the voter registration in Zambia.

About Smartmatic
Smartmatic is a multinational company that designs and deploys technological solutions aimed at helping governments fulfill, in the most efficient way, their commitments with their citizens. It is one of the largest cutting-edge technology suppliers, with a wide and proven experience in the United States, Asia, Africa, Latin America and the Caribbean. 

Smartmatic's competitive strength lies on its cutting-edge technology and expertise in three key areas: Election Solutions, Identity Management Solutions and Public Safety Solutions.