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La Paz, October 17th 2011.- The chief of the Electoral Observation Mission (EOM) of the South American Union of Nations (UNASUR), Fausto Camacho, stated that "Bolivia has, in all certainty, the best  biometric  voting registry of the whole region". 

Camacho arrived in La Paz in for the Judiciary Branch elections scheduled to take place, as the leader of 27 electoral observers from Argentina, Colombia, Chile, Paraguay, Uruguay and Venezuela. The expert affirmed that "Bolivians should be proud of this biometric registration, since it is a totally successful process that prevents the possibility of fraud". 

In his opinion, biometric registries implemented with the adequate technology prevent double voter registration. He explained that it is impossible for a person using two names to register twice, since the technology will detect the repeating set of fingerprints.  Biometrics allow for the curbing of such irregularities, which are still present. 

Camacho affirmed that during his career, which spans over 30 years of observing elections in Latin American countries, he has verified that biometric registries like the one in Bolivia are very reliable systems that several countries wish to imitate and incorporate. He indicated that he has been in the country since the inception of the process and has been convinced of the significant advances made in citizen registration, aimed to prevent double voting and the manipulation of citizen vote. 

The electoral accompaniment mission, formed by authorities and technicians from different South American electoral organisms, stated that Bolivia´s biometric registry allowed the incorporation of a sizable amount of the country's population into the database, setting the sights on having them exercise their right to vote.  The mission also added that the process will go further, with the digitalization of identity cards and other documents, which will grant even more transparency to citizen procedures.

For Smartmatic, a multinational provider of technological solutions for elections, identity management and smart cities, it was an honor to have taken part , as a strategic partner of NEC Argentina, in this biometric registration process carried out by Bolivia´s National Court (CNE) in 2009.

The CNE selected NEC Argentina for the creation of Bolivia´s biometric voting registry, and this company in turn selected Smartmatic´s technology and support; as a result, a reliable biometric registry was completed in record time. Smartmatic was in charge of supplying peripherals for the capture stations, logistics, and equipment and staff distribution to the Department Courts all over the country.

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