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Mendoza, December 14, 2011.-  With the participation of the Civic Foundation, the Radical Civic Union (Unión Cívica Radical UCR) is boosting the use of electronic voting in the upcoming elections in Mendoza, Argentina. The proposal is backed up by two bills: one from the Senators Carlos Aguinaga (PD) and Sergio Moralejo (UCR) and one from the Deputy Zalazar Tadeo Garcia, who believe that next year, changes could be implemented with a single ballot electoral reform and a fixed election date for governor, different from the national and presidential and different from municipal elections.

The system to be implemented (electronic vote) was showcased yesterday at a presentation by Carlos Gonzalez of multinational Smartmatic, who noted that the system meets the requirements of safety, speed and reliability.

During the demonstration where it was used a small voting machine with two boards, was showed that there are four steps to cast the vote: Enable the screen, touch the ballot corresponding to the party of your preference where you choose your candidates. Then configure the next ballot of another category and once you have all your selections, press down the button "vote" and then print the receipt that must be deposited in the box, in front of the election authorities.

The automated election system operates in the United States, Barbados, Netherlands Antilles, Venezuela, Brazil, Belgium, the Philippines and other countries. According to Gonzalez, it costs -as a service- almost the same as the manual system that's currently used.

According to Alfredo Cornejo, chairman of the province of the UCR, there is a need to sensibilize the community and its leaders towards the benefits of the system.