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Caracas , November 14th 2007.- The Metropolitan Government of Caracas will implement a high technology platform, USP, to optimize its response to emergencies and to fight crime in the city. The system, designed, developed and implemented by Smartmatic became operative in November 2007.

USP integrates multiple means of communication as well as supports and manages computing systems. All information is transmitted through networks to the Citizen Response System (CRS) where emergency calls will be received as well as live video feeds from specific monitored zones of the city to provide better coordination between security and emergency forces. Coordination will be optimized through integrated high technology systems that centralize and facilitate communication between security and emergency response forces (police departments, fire departments and hospitals).

In the first phase of the process 216 surveillance towers will be installed in critical zones defined by the Metropolitan City Hall. Other zones are expected to be covered by this system with the implementation of towers in subsequent phases. The implementation of those towers will reduce time in the detection of disturbances and natural catastrophes and response time from local authorities.

''Smartmatic's USP guaranties better response times from security and emergency official forces in case of any event and provides better information availability for a more precise decision making in emergency situations. Citizens of Caracas will be greatly benefited because they will be able to use one of the most unified and advanced security systems in the world'', explained Samira Saba, Smartmatic's Communications Manager.

Diverse security and emergency response forces will share one common emergency call center, in which 44 operators will process emergency calls from fixed line and cell phones made by citizens by dialing the Emergency Response Number 171, the local equivalent of the United States' 911. This service will be free of charge and will be available 365 days a year, 24 hours a day. From this call center, local authorities such as Metropolitan Police, Fire Department, Civil Defense and local hospitals will be notified of any situation or emergency.

The call center will also process Global Positioning System (GPS) information as well as live video feeds from any of the surveillance units to monitor responsive plans from the authorities. Furthermore, this center will also process high definition live video feeds from 32 aerostatic hot air balloons once they are permanently deployed over the city.

The CRS will also monitor information from sensors placed in the most critical water torrents in order to be able to issue appropriate alerts in case of floods.

This advanced system also includes direct hospital assignment contacts that will optimize treatment for patients. In further phases a high quality medical attention system will be implemented, which will be complemented by a comprehensive phone first aid system.

Through this technology, developed by Smartmatic, the Metropolitan Government of Caracas seeks to strengthen its security and emergency response capability through community cooperation. This will in turn increase the population's personal security perception.

Smartmatic has ample, relevant and proven experience in the implementation and management of large scale projects in Venezuela, the Caribbean and in the United States.