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ASHBURN, Va. September 21, 2009.- Telos Identity Management Solutions, LLC (TelosTM ID) now offers the SmartmaticTM PARmobileTM enrollment platform, a mobile, all-in-one identity enrollment and capture solution optimized for government requirements. Available separately or bundled with other Telos ID offerings to meet specific customer requirements, PARmobile greatly simplifies the process of enrolling participants and verifying identities by consolidating required hardware components in a single compact unit.

'PARmobile is the perfect complement to other Telos ID offerings,' said Mark Griffin, president and general manager of Telos ID.  'This rugged and compact all-in-one hardware solution includes everything our customers need to capture, validate and transmit identity and biometric information.  It is a proven system that is reliable and flexible in a number of different implementations worldwide.'  

Keith Stringfellow, president of U.S. operations for Smartmatic, echoed Griffin's enthusiasm for the partnership. 'We wanted a partner that could use the PARmobile's power and portability to deliver a lower cost per enrollment to maximum advantage.    Telos ID has an excellent reputation for meeting the technology and service demands of the U.S. military and government markets. The company's in-house engineering, manufacturing, fabrication, assembly and support capability, as well as having contract vehicles and established customer relationships in place, made Telos ID a logical choice as a trusted distributor and reseller partner.'

PARmobile combines a lightweight and rugged platform with a configurable 'biobay' that allows users to integrate the biometric capture devices that meet their requirements.  This unique configuration capability ensures that PARmobile will meet a very wide set of identity verification and enrollment needs while staying current with changes in biometric technology.  PARmobile is also proven in the field on an international level ' it has been widely used in identity verification and voter registration applications throughout the world and proven secure, accurate, and reliable.

The PARmobile platform will be available to the U.S. federal government on the Telos Corporation GSA schedule # GS-35F-4315D.

About Telos ID
Telos Identity Management Solutions, LLC (Telos ID) is among the world's leading providers of identity protection and management solutions, offering control of physical access to military bases, office buildings, disaster sites, workstations and other facilities, as well as control of logical access to databases, host systems and other IT resources. Telos ID solutions protect and defend the physical and virtual resources of key Department of Defense and federal civilian agencies as well as first responders. Telos Corporation has a controlling interest in Telos ID.

About Smartmatic
Smartmatic is a multinational company that designs and deploys technological solutions aimed at helping governments fulfill, in the most efficient way, their commitments with their citizens. It is one of the largest cutting-edge technology suppliers, with a wide and proven experience in the United States, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.