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Caracas, March 9, 2009. - A great display of skill and enthusiasm was the key element during the III Smartmatic-CONNECT Programming Marathon, where students, professionals and amateurs competed last March 07. Through this initiative Smartmatic offered 58 groups the opportunity to show their programming skills, challenge themselves and the other teams, have fun and win wonderful prizes.

The event was the first marathon in ten years to be completely wireless (using a wireless network) and to highlight the landmark, every participant got a Wi-Fi detector t-shirt as a present. The third Smartmatic-CONNECT marathon had the support of renowned Universities in the country such as Universidad Central de Venezuela (UCV), Simón Bolívar (USB), Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB), Universidad de Carabobo (UC), among others.

The winning team Guayoyo was formed by Jorge Bernadas and Carlos Eduardo Guía Vera, followed by the Black team integrated by Daniel Izquierdo and Jesús Federico. Desmolecularizadores team formed by Carlos Colmenares and Máximiliano Liprandi arrived in third place and the last team in the award list was Los Caballeros, a group integrated by Saúl Hidalgo and David Gómez.

Guayoyo went home with Bs. 4000 and two LCD HD (26?) television sets. On the other hand, Black won Bs. 3000 and two mp3 touch devices from a highly renowned brand. Desmolecularizadores team won Bs. 2000 and two external hard drives (500 GB) and Los Caballeros managed to take home Bs. 1000 and two mp3 shuffle from a highly renowned brand.

Following international standards for programming competitions, III Smartmatic- CONNECT consisted in solving a set of six problems using different programming environments during a maximum term of four hours after 2 hours of morning practice.

As part of its strategy as a socially responsible company, Smartmatic supports the promotion of students and professionals in the areas of computing and engineering. CONNECT has turned into an initiative that allows strengthening the skills of such talent and positions Venezuela as a reference in the development of technical solutions.

About Smartmatic
Smartmatic is a multinational company that designs and deploys technological solutions aimed at helping governments fulfill, in the most efficient way, their commitments with their citizens. It is one of the largest cutting-edge technology suppliers, with a wide and proven experience in the United States, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean. 
Smartmatic aims to help societies become more efficient and transparent, through technological innovations and it is responsible for several top and advanced innovations available in the market around three business areas: electronic auditable voting systems, intelligent and integrated security platforms, and advanced solutions for people registration and authentication for a wide range of government applications.
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