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Caracas, February 18, 2008.- A great display of skill and excitement was the key ingredient during the II Smartmatic-CONNECT Programming Marathon, where students, professionals and amateurs competed as equals on February 16th. By means of this initiative, Smartmatic offered 58 teams the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in programming and to challenge themselves and the other teams in a day full of excitement and prizes.  

The event had the support from Universidad Central de Venezuela and from the Venezuelan School of Engineering, as well as from a jury integrated by renowned academics from the universities of Carabobo (UC) Simón Bolívar (USB), Católica Andrés Bello (UCAB) y Central de Venezuela (UCV), as well as a specialist from Smartmatic.

Under the team name of Guayoyo Jorge Luis Bernadas Saragoza and Carlos Eduardo Guía Vera fineshed in first place, followed by the Uhmmm team integrated by Vanessa Díaz and Sergio Velásquez. Third place was for WarOz, integrated by brothers Alejandro Ignacio Lameda López and Carlos Alejandro Lameda López.

Guayoyo took home BsF. 4000, two laptops and a programming curse. On the other hand Uhmmm was awarded with BsF. 3000, two last generation mobiles and a programming course and WarOz got BsF. 2000, two iPods Nano and a programming course. Smartmatic awarded all the other participants a USB Memory Pen.

Following international standards for programming competitions, the challenge consisted in the resolution of a set of seven problems using different programming languages, during a maximum term of four hours after a previous 3 hour morning practice.

As part of its strategy like a socially responsible company, Smartmatic supports the promotion of students and professionals in the areas of computing and engineering. CONNECT arises like an initiative that will allow to strengthen the skills of such talents, thus positioning Venezuela as a world-wide reference in the development of technological solutions.