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Manila, May 8th 2010.- Smartmatic-TIM and the COMELEC have announced that all automated systems for the General Elections are in place and ready to count the votes of more than 50 million eligible Filipino citizens. 

Furthermore, Smartmatic fully corrected the issue with the compact flash (CF) cards inside the Precinct Count Optical Scan (PCOS), ensuring that the automated election system is functional again.  This has been verified by the more than 30% of testing and sealing procedures done in the last three days at the different precincts.

Highlights on the scope of the May 10 General Elections in the Philippines

The Philippine election, to use more than 80,000 optical scanning voting machines, represents the largest election ever carried out by a private company. Smartmatic-TIM provided a wide range of comprehensive services including: manufacturing over 82,000 PCOS machines, managing more than 50,000 people, a 23,000 m2 warehouse and configuration facility, subcontracting the transmission network from the local providers, and providing quality assurance for every component of the platform.

Additional highlights include:

-  82,200 PCOS voting machines have been deployed, each with a battery for back-up power to guarantee continuous operation.

- 1,722 canvassing and consolidation servers and printers with their power generators.

338,750 Paper Rolls for printing copies of election returns per precinct.

- Paper, ink and digital printers to print 50 million ballots.

- Over 36,000 schools are functioning as polling centers; prepared with state-of-the-art equipment to determine network signals, power availability and other logistical concerns.

- Over 48,000 Smartmatic technicians, recruited and trained, deployed for on-site support

690 Call Center Agents located in the National Support Center during Election Day for monitoring the entire process and for remote support to the technicians in the field.

- More than 7,000 satellite antennas deployed to service areas with no mobile coverage.

- 2 Data Centers have been created to backup nationwide results with redundancy capabilities.