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Smartmatic's electronic voting technology near perfect in Venezuelan presidential election

Caracas, December 05, 2006 - In another example of the security, accuracy and auditability of Smartmatic's automated electronic voting system, the results of Sunday's Presidential election in Venezuela were certified by the National Election Commission (CNE, after its initials in Spanish), as well as by international observers from the Organization of American States and the European Union. Perhaps more importantly, the results were accepted by all of the political parties and players involved as accurate and representing the will of the Venezuelan people.

Through the use of post-election audits that matched the tally of paper ballots in locked ballot boxes with the printed vote tally from the corresponding voting machines, members of the CNE, the Venezuelan political parties and international observers were able to confirm the accuracy and validity of the voting process and certify the results.

"We've always stood by the accuracy and integrity of our electronic voting system, so it's gratifying to know that it performed flawlessly once again and that the political players in Venezuela have all certified and accepted the results," said Antonio Mugica, Chief Executive Officer, Smartmatic.

Some examples of the success of Smartmatic's electronic voting system during Election Day include:

99.82% of the SAES machines in the 10,532 electronic voting centers performed flawlessly.

12 million paper ballots were printed and served as part of the closing audit of more than 17,000 ballot boxes.

Of the 12 million votes registered, only 30 blank votes were cast. These were largely due to voter error (voters incorrectly pressed the picture of the candidate they supported instead of the corresponding oval, then pressed the vote button).

100% of the closing audits showed perfect reconciliation between the votes recorded in the voting machines and those physically printed by the machines.

On Sunday, only 730 machines were reported to have technical problems, and 83% of these were repaired or substituted in less than the required time period. Only 0.20% of the machines had problems that couldn't be resolved, the lowest percentage ever in VZ elections.

The second official report showed that 80 voting tables that were meant to be automated had turned instead to manual voting, representing just 0.20% of the total voting machines.

At 5:30am, 100% of the 14,811 machine operators were present at their assigned voting center.

The CNE reported that more than 95% of the voting tables were open by 9:00am, a much more efficient installation than in previous elections. At 7:00am, more than 80% of the machines were operative and by 8:00am, that number increased to 92%.

In the closing audit conducted at the end of Election Day, more than 54% of the ballot boxes where the physical votes are stored were opened and these ballots were compared to the vote summaries printed and transmitted by the voting machine.

This audit reconfirmed the accuracy of the results stored in the voting machine and transmitted to the tally center.

Because of the multiple layers of security, the accuracy and the auditability of Smartmatic's voting solution, Sunday's election results were accepted and approved by all political parties involved in the election campaign.

According to Tibisay Lucena, President of the Venezuelan Electoral Board, the elections went smoothly and highlighted the ease of voting and speed of the results obtained with the electronic voting machine.

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