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Smartmatic Voting System functions at full capacity during Regional Election

Caracas, November 1, 2004.-
A report of the SBC Consortium made clear today that Smartmatic's electronic voting solution can function with accuracy, reliability and transparency in even the most complex elections. In the Venezuelan Regional Election held over the weekend, Smartmatic used over 23,500 electronic voting machines and ballots to determine 609 victors chosen from over 7,750 candidates in legislative, gubernatorial, mayoral and council races held across the country. The SBC Consortium released data showing that 99.2% of the SAES electronic voting machines and ballots in 5,340 voting centers across the country functioned perfectly.

"We've always known our system could handle complicated electoral situations with absolute reliability and precision and it was exciting to see that proven in Venezuela's Regional Elections," said Antonio Mugica, CEO of Smartmatic Corporation.

According to the report from the SBC Consortium, of the 23,595 voting machines distributed across the country only 232 (0.98%) were reported as damaged by 5:00pm on election day. Of the damaged machines, 85% were substituted with functioning machines in less than 90 minutes and only 6% needed to make the switch to manual voting. Further, transmission of results from the voting centers to the tally centers took approximately one minute, and once received the tally was achieved almost immediately.

One of the primary advantages of the SAES system for the Regional Elections was the possibility of electronically and immediately tallying the results. In just the single day, voters selected 609 representatives from 7,753 candidates, including 337 mayors, 23 governors, 229 representatives to the legislature, 13 metropolitan council members and 7 district council members. During the election 335 Municipal Juntas and 23 Regional Juntas were functioning.

Another advantage of the SAES system was evident in certain areas where a system of Personalized Proportional Representation was used. In this system (for Representatives of the Legislature and Metropolitan and District Council members), adjudication is significantly more complicated. The SAES automated electronic voting system enabled voters to select from a number of candidates in a simpler way and made the tally of these votes and the determination of victors considerably easier.

The SAES system also enabled alliances between parties or candidates to be made up to four days prior to the election while still being recognized by the summary and tally systems. Only a system as advanced as SAES could permit these changes to be made so close to the day of the election.

It should be noted that the additional time requested by the National Electoral Commission before announcing the final results is a factor of the need to tally the manual votes in areas where the difference between candidates is minimal. Also, according to the Law of Suffrage and Political Participation, each of the 335 Municipal Juntas is responsible for their tally and adjudication.

The SAES maintains a voter verifiable paper trail and security system that begins with the individual vote and is maintained through to the final tally and announcement of results. Two audits of the SAES electronic voting system were conducted prior to the Regional Elections - a national simulation held on October 10th and a technological audit held on October 28th. Both of these audits were conducted by the National Electoral Commission and included representatives from the various political parties. The audits confirmed the transparency, security and reliability of the Smartmatic's electronic voting solution.

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