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Smartmatic voting system enters European market

Caracas, October 07, 2004.-
Smartmatic Corporation presented its SAES electronic voting solution to a community of experts, academics and election administrators attending the Votobit II conference of the Electronic Voting Observatory at the University of Leon in Spain this week.

Jack Blaine, President of Smartmatic, presented the SAES electoral technology and attended or addressed several of the panels and discussions. He also displayed various SAES3000 voting machines and electronic ballots allowing conference attendees to gain a firsthand knowledge of the system, its performance capabilities and the many advantages of the SAES technology.

Votobit II focused much of its discussion on the future of voting and electronic voting in particular, but it also looked specifically at recent experiences in Switzerland, Mexico, Spain and Venezuela. The conference was attended by administration and election officials from a number of European countries as well as academics and experts in the field of electronic voting. Among those in attendance were David Chaum, a pioneer in electronic cash inventions, and Dr. Rebecca Mercouri, an electronic voting expert from Harvard University.

During a conference entitled "Facing the Challenges of Electronic Voting," Mr. Blaine used the example of the Venezuelan Presidential Recall Referendum to outline some of the many advantages of the SAES electronic voting solution, including security, transparency and auditability as well as the secrecy of the vote, the speed of error free results and the cost savings associated with the system. The Venezuelan Recall Referendum employed more than 14 thousand people and used nearly 20,000 machines in order to record the almost 10 million votes cast during the process.

Mr. Blaine also pointed out the fact that the SAES system could be audited before an election, during the election process and after the election is completed. Further, he noted that the SAES offers several different means to corroborate and confirm the election results, including comparing the physical vote printed by the machine to the tally sheet, the tally sheet to the electronic result at the tabulation center or the physical vote directly to the electronic result.

"The Venezuelan Presidential Recall Referendum was one of the biggest, most extensive convergences of existing electoral technology ever, involving such diverse areas as IT, telecommunications, logistics, support, multiple audits, voter verification and electronic communication, tabulation and documentation of results. And the success of the SAES technology is a perfect example of why electronic voting is the future of voting," said Mr. Blaine.

About Smartmatic
Smartmatic is a multinational company that specializes in the design and end-to-end deployment of complex purpose-specific technology solutions. With an unsurpassed technology base, continuous innovation, and quality in processes and results, Smartmatic is organized around three business areas: Electronic voting systems, intelligent and integrated security systems for large enterprises and governments, and advanced solutions for people registration and authentication for a wide range of government applications.

Smartmatic is a privately held company with offices in the US, Mexico, Venezuela, Barbados, Spain, Philippines and Taiwan.  It has more than 200 employees worldwide.  Its capacity for innovation and wide range of products and services have earned Smartmatic extensive recognition in the technology community worldwide.

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