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Manila, Philippines, August 13, 2010.- Smartmatic has established an alliance with the Philippine Red Cross (PRC), which has begun with an initial donation of twenty laptop computers. As a technology company, the goal is to support the data processing and automation plans of the humanitarian organization to improve their response levels and overall performance during normal operations, emergency situations, and up to catastrophic events.

The donation ceremony was held on August 12th at the Philippine Red Cross Headquarters with the presence of César Flores, President of Smartmatic Asia Pacific, and Richard Gordon, the Philippine Red Cross Chairman, among other representatives of both organizations.

The donated equipment has an estimated value of approximately nine hundred thousand pesos (US$ 20,000), and it represents a first step in the alliance between Smartmatic and the Philippine Red Cross to coordinate work and exchange expertise and technical support.

''We truly appreciate Smartmatic's relentless efforts to support our humanitarian endeavors'' said Mr. Gordon. ''The brand new 20 laptops will truly be of great help not only in keeping track of our current records, but also in bringing our dream of automation closer to reality,'' he added.

Meanwhile, César Flores explained that this donation is part of Smartmatic's Corporate Social Responsibility Plans. ''For our company it's an honor and a social commitment to create a partnership with the Red Cross, since we both are deeply committed to finding solutions and support official and non-governmental organizations to respond during critic events in the most effective way'', commented Flores.

Smartmatic was recently appointed as electoral provider in the first successful automated elections in Philippine history, and there lies the importance of embracing this country with a multinational company's Corporate Social Responsibility approach.