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México, November 23rd 2011.-  Smartmatic has participated throughout the Electoral Campaigns Expo that has taken place from November 23 to 25 in Mexico City, where the company's directives affirmed that the Aztec country is ready to implement an electronic voting system for their next elections in 2012.

"We are positive that Mexico is fully prepared to use an automated electronic voting system, however it is necessary that its electoral authorities, political parties, scholars and the whole society to analyze, test, and authorize which are the most suitable mechanisms for their country," he said.

Vecchi added that "our technology guarantees that no vote is altered in any way, that no valid votes are left uncounted, and that no invalid votes are counted; it checks and audits the results in multiple ways, ensuring zero inconsistencies."

Some of the main benefits of implementing an electronic voting systems in Mexico in the next elections are:

  •      Total transparency and accuracy
  •      Speed and efficiency of electoral tasks
  •      Better ability to identify and prevent possible situations of fraud
  •      Enhance public trust and the secrecy of the vote
  •      Equity for all voters.

Not to mention the budget savings and environmental savings regarding physical materials such as ballot printing and production, among others.

Within this context, Smartmatic is the only elections technology provider participating in the Electoral Campaigns Expo, featuring demos about using its next-generation electronic voting system and the electoral services offered to Governments for their upcoming 2012 elections.

"Our goal is, besides demonstrating the efficiency, speed and transparency of our electronic voting machines and of the advanced computer system behind them, to create an awareness of the benefits and advantages of an automated voting system for a modern democracy, and to show to all audiences how easy it is to vote with them," concluded Luis Vecchi.