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Canberra, Australia, December 1st, 2011.- Multinational technology company Smartmatic presented its advanced Identity Management solution, PARmobile and PARclient, at the 7th Biometrics Institute Technology's Showcase & Exhibition recently held in Canberra, Australia, where hundreds of providers showed the latest products and services aimed at supporting government institutions in the implementation of identity management and authentication processes.

PARmobile and PARclient are an all-in-one package designed to help governments in its registration requirements. Smartmatic's solution provides a true solution when it comes to people registration and authentication processes, from migration to enrollment, consolidation to detection of duplicates, adjudication, and all the way up to issuance of ID documents.

"Our Identity Management solution is the future of biometric identification technology and in Australia we intend to demonstrate to governments just how this solution can immensely help them to deliver services to their citizens" said Cesar Flores, President of Smartmatic Asia-Pacific.

PARmobile is a robust and portable biometric kit that makes data collection easier, integrating in one compact unit all the components used in such processes such as cameras, fingerprint scanners and signature pads.  The PARmobile hardware is designed to work even in the most rugged conditions while capturing and safely storing the data.

PARclient is the software application that enables capturing of biographic and biometric information as well as authenticating people's identities. The PARclient's interface is flexible and intuitive and is designed for fast registration times.

In addition, the system also comes with a Duplicate Detection Module and an Adjudication Module, two important functionalities which provide highly accurate record matching and record validity check.

Smartmatic's Identity Management Solution has been successfully deployed in diverse locations in the world for various projects. In 2009, it was used in voter registration in Bolivia.  Later, Mexico acquired the technology for a three-year registry project that includes the collection of biometric data. In 2010 the United Nations (through the UNDP) awarded Smartmatic the contract to carry out the voter registration project in Zambia. All of them were completely successful.

The Biometrics Institute Technology Showcase & Exhibition is an important industry event which provides an insight into the latest developments in biometric technologies. The Biometrics Institute is an independent and international membership organization dedicated to Biometrics. It was founded in July 2001 in Australia in response to an industry need for an impartial forum for sharing knowledge and information about Biometrics and creating a global Biometrics network. Since its foundation, the Biometrics Institute's mission has been to provide a forum for discussion and to promote the responsible use of Biometrics.