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Bogota, May 10th 2012.- Smartmatic, with its ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) solutions for urban mobility, was present in the fifth edition of the Andean Expo of Transit and Transportation Technologies, organized by Sofex Americas in Bogota, Colombia, on May 7th and 8th 2012. 

Andinatraffic is not only a major fair of the transportation sector, but of also a meeting and debate place for the most renowned professionals in traffic planning, control and management in the Andes region. In this fifth edition, Smartmatic shared its integral public transportation solution, which counts with last generation technology and is overseen by the company’s Smart Cities business unit.  

The multinational company presented the Urbano™ platform, which is comprised of an advanced system for centralized fare collection; an innovative fleet monitoring, control and management system; and an integrated information system that enables travellers to make decisions about their trips.  

Meyling Fois, ITS Products Manager, pointed to the several benefits of Smartmatic’s technological platform, which include considerable savings in operation costs, better levels of energy efficiency and an optimization of the services involved.  

“With these public transportation solutions, the times for executing tasks are reduced and they are better synchronized, thus given the citizens a chance to fully enjoy their lives”, stated Fois, after explaining that the capacity to provide better coverage and improve services depends, in every case, on the adequate combination of technological infrastructure, organizational structures and an effective operation model.  

One of Smartmatic’s challenges is to develop technology that contributes to urban mobility, guaranteeing future scalability, performance, security and capacity as they are required by the citizen of today. These are contributions that the multinational, with global experience in developing solutions for governments, could share with the most important regional transportation providers in Andinatraffic 2012.