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Surrey, July 19th 2013.- Smartmatic was present during the fourth edition of VoteID 2013, an international conference on e-voting and identity that took place at the University of Surrey, southwest England, from July 17th to the 19th.  

Guildford, a county town in Surrey, was the place chosen to have experts on the field discuss the advances on voting automation, and to present the models, proposals and best practices of the suppliers in the market.

Smartmatic, the world leader of the e-voting industry, had to be present at this event. Frederik Imschoot, manager of the company’s electoral unit in Belgium, explained the automated voting system currently used in the country.
He said that Smartmatic’s experience in Belgium began in 2007, when seven Belgian universities studied in depth the situation of e-voting around the world, and the options then available in the market. As a result of that exhaustive analysis they concluded, together with the nation’s electoral authorities, that Smartmatic was the only company capable of creating a solution that would satisfy 100% of their needs.

“In Belgium, every voter can ascertain his vote is counted, since electoral administrators can compare printed voting vouchers against electronic vote tallies and ensure that they match exactly”, added Imschoot.  

On the other hand, Robert Krimmer, Senior Adviser on New Voting Technologies at the Organization for Security and Co-operation in Europe (OCSE), gave a talk on the growing use of technology in elections.

Philip Stark, Professor and Chair of Statistics of the University of California, covered the subject of the reliability of results and the ongoing efforts to develop e-voting systems that print voting vouchers. Since 2004 Smartmatic has been the world leader in verifiable voting; VoteID 2013 was the perfect platform to show this.

The speakers at the event were the following:
•    Onora O'Neill, Baroness O'Neill of Bengarve: Trustworthiness before Trust
•    David Birch: Suppose electronic voting works? Then what?
•    Robert Krimmer:   Election Observation of New Voting Technologies
•    Philip Stark: E2E to Hand-to-Eye: Verifiability, Trust, Audits

Representatives of important companies that develop electoral solutions, and professors from renowned universities who study the subject were also in attendance to share their experiences.