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Warsaw, September 23th 2013.- Smartmatic presented the social impact the adoption of e-voting has had in Venezuela, during the 22nd annual conference of the Association of European Election Officials (ACEEEO).

The event, which took place in Warsaw, Poland, between September 12th and 14th 2013, was organized by the National Elections Commission and the National Electoral Office of Poland. The importance of information and communication technologies in electoral processes, as well as the part that social networks play in their execution, were the main topics of discussion. 

Andrea De Vizio, product manager of the Smartmatic Elections business unit in Europe, the Middle East and Africa, offered a presentation in which he highlighted the use of the Electoral Operations System (EOS). This application is our solution to election logistics and operational processes in real time, from resource planning, dispatch of electoral materials and incident reporting to technical or procedural support. EOS has been a fundamental piece in our successful deployments for each Venezuelan election since 2008. 

Additionally, De Vizio remarked how social networks are used in Venezuela (by Smartmatic specifically) to distribute information reinforcing the benefits of voting automation.

The main assembly began with a dissertation by the President of the Polish National Election Commission, Stefan Jan Jaworski, who spoke about the  development of e-voting since 2000 and the influence new technologies have had on the field.

Experiences like that of Mexico were presented to the public: the impact that new technologies have had in the country, as well as the challenges that come with them. The President of the Federal Electoral Institute, Leonardo Valdés,  spoke about the institute’s practices and how they’ve approached their tasks. 

At the roundtables, there were exchanges about the development of election-related IT, and about social media as a supporting factor to the information activities of election commissions; another topic was the appropriate response to the use of these new communication tools in electoral campaigns.

The quick ascendance of social media, instant messaging (Skype, MSN Messenger), and social networks (Facebook, Twitter, Bebo, etc.) are new challenges that electoral players must face. As it was stated in Poland, the appropriate answer put in practice by companies in the industry is to spread positive information through them. EOS proved key to share relevant information with local media during the last elections held in the Philippines.