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Bogota, March 14 2010.- Smartmatic and its ITS (Intelligent Transportation Systems) solutions for urban mobility will participate in the third edition of the Andean Exhibition of Traffic and Transport Technologies 2011, organized by Sofex Americas in Bogota, Colombia, on March 14 and 15. 

Andinatraffic is considered to be the biggest and most important meeting event for professionals in traffic planning, control and management in the Andean region.  Among the main topics that will be discussed we can highlight the following:

1. Development and implementation of strategies and zone tactics for centralized traffic control.
2. Modernization processes for the existing systems and technologies towards the new ITS solutions.
3. The impact of electronic supervision in the planning of transit control systems and road safety awareness.
4. The integration of strategic and operative planning in urban transportation systems.
5. Design and scaling of customer assistance and ticket sales networks in urban transportation systems.
6. Integrated collecting systems' Integration and modernization strategies, decision-making and business plans.

During the event, Smartmatic, a multinational supplier of cutting-edge technological solutions for governments, will be presenting its integral solution for public transportation, which employs technology of the latest generation and contemplates improving the quality of transit services, security for the passengers and transit employees, reliable information for statistics management, fraud control, an increase in profits, operational optimization and the integration of fees, among other benefits. 

Smartmatic takes on projects with significant social value for citizens; said value, together with the company's successful experiences in the development and implementation of transnational platforms and mission critical deployments, create the necessary foundations for a sustainable automation offer for the public transportation market present in Andinatraffic 2011.