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London, October 12th, 2011.- From October 12th to 13th, the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies will hold in the city of London the 4th Annual International Electoral Affairs Symposium 2011, based on the theme of "Conducting Successful Elections in the Digital Age".

A panel of worldwide recognized speakers and exhibitors in the electoral arena will look at a wide variety of issues related to electoral processes and procedures, examining how different nations are facing the new challenges of electoral technology and how the current procedures and best practices can be modified to accommodate early 21st century technologies to best effect.

Some of the topics to be discussed in this edition of the Symposium are the implementation of voting technologies, stimulating voter participation from registration to turnout, methods to verify identity and ensure legitimacy, working with the media and the role of advertising over the electoral cycle, assuring the legal framework is in place and robust for the use of technology in elections and the future of electronic counting and tabulation systems worldwide, among others.

Smartmatic, a leading provider of voting technology that has performed the world's largest deployments of electronic counting using ballot optical scanners, and auditable electronic elections featuring paper receipts will participate in the symposium with three conferences: Eduardo Correia, Vice President of Electoral Solutions and Samira Saba, Marketing and Communications Manager will talk about the Elections Maturity Model Initiative, while Cesar Flores, President of Smartmatic Asia Pacific will give a lecture about Organizing PR Campaigns and Civil Education Campaigns.

"The importance of this event lies in explore and present all the magnificent opportunities offered by technologies such as Smartmatic's to the countries evaluating their migration to automated voting systems. The authorities and institutions in charge of organizing electoral events will have a wide range of technology products and integrated solutions that will ensure transparency to their electoral processes", said Eduardo Correia.

This annual symposium provides an invaluable insight into the latest global initiatives and developments in the field of electoral affairs and an opportunity to share best practice and network with speakers, practitioners and colleagues involved in electoral affairs from across the world.

The International Centre for Parliamentary Studies is an organization that promotes the design and implementation of effective policy making and good governance through better interaction between Parliament and other stakeholders in society.