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Hong Kong, March 23th 2011.- Multinational technology company Smartmatic is set to showcase its advanced Identity Management Solution, PARmobile and PARclient, during CARTES in Asia 2011, a regional extension of the famed Paris trade show.

PARmobile is a robust and portable device that makes biometric data collection easier by integrating in one compact unit different kinds of components such as cameras, fingerprint scanners and signature pad. The PARmobile is designed to work even in the most rugged conditions while safely storing the data. It can be used in large scale projects such as civil registration, voter registration, national identification and immigration control.

Some of PARmobile's key features are: portable and lightweight, designed to be conveniently transported and operated, automatic photo cropping and double flash source, up to 3 hours of internal battery autonomy and 8 extra hours with external battery, configurable fingerprint scanner from 1 to 10 fingers, able to run on various power sources including solar power panels, diesel generators, gas, UPS, etc; able to print voter lists, identity documents, electronic cards, etc.

PARmobile is powered by the PARclient software application that allows capturing of biographic and biometric information as well as authenticating people's identities. Its interface is flexible and intuitive and is designed to reduce registration time. In addition, the system also comes with a Duplicate Detection Module and Adjudication Module, two important functionalities which provide highly accurate record matching and validity checking.

Smartmatic's ID Management Solution is an all-in-one package which supports the whole registration process from data migration to enrollment, consolidation to duplicate detection, adjudication and ID Card production. The PARmobile platform provides a powerful tool for solution providers to deliver the low-cost, best-value identity enrollment platform possible with the most advanced, standards-compliant technology.

Smartmatic has steadily strengthened its position as a leading technology provider in Asia. In 2010, it successfully automated the General Elections in the Philippines working alongside the national elections authorities. The project was the largest and most ambitious of its kind to be carried out by a private company.

''PARmobile and PARclient represent the latest advances in biometric identification technology and we intend to demonstrate to governments in Asia just how our solutions can greatly amplify their ability to deliver services to their citizens'' said Cesar Flores, Sales President of Smartmatic Asia-Pacific.

Smartmatic's Identity Management Solution has been deployed throughout the world. In 2009, it was used in voter registration in Bolivia. Later, Mexico also acquired the technology in an ambitious three-year registry project that includes the recollection of biometric data. In 2010 the United Nations (through the UNDP) awarded Smartmatic the contract to carry out the voter registration project in Zambia.

CARTES in Asia 2011 will be held from March 29th to 31th, 2011 at the AsiaWorld-Expo in Hong Kong.