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Kyrgyzstan, November 25th 2013.- Smartmatic, the elections company, is always keen to show electoral commissions how its technology can help them hold efficient, accurate and legitimate elections.

The hardware and software it has created and deployed have recorded and transmitted over 2.2 billion votes in over 3,500 elections. And it is details of these systems its representatives presented to attendees of October’s ‘Innovative Technologies in the Electoral Process’ fair.

It took place in Kyrgyzstan, a country keen to get acquainted with electoral automation technologies as it seeks to modernise its 2014 elections.

Representing Smartmatic were Fernando Silva, from the company’s electoral solutions team, Andrea De Vizio, product manager for Russia and Francois Dauphin, sales vice president for Europe, Middle East and Africa.

During the exhibition, they shared details on hardware, software and systems that guarantee accurate voter identification and registration, voting organisation and vote recounting.

In conjunction with Integra, Smartmatic’s partner company in Kyrgyzstan, the team presented two biometric authentication devices that allow the activation of voting sessions – the VIU-300 and the VIU-100. There are important as they mean voting can only take place once the voter’s identity has been confirmed.

The Smartmatic delegation also introduced the SAES-3376 voting machine, notable for its 17–inch touch screen. Besides being able to capture voter intent perfectly (there can be no spoiled votes), the 3376 can print a voting receipt through an integrated printer. This hardware can also consolidate results and features a special module for handicapped voters.

Conference attendees also learned the benefits of PARmobile. As its name suggests, this device is highly portable. Smartmatic has used it to collect biographic and biometric information used to consolidate civil and electoral rolls. It simplifies the identification process of voters, wherever they are. It helped the company record what’s thought to be the fastest-ever national biometric registration – 5 million Bolivians in just 75 days.

Smartmatic is unique in that in addition to its hardware and software, it also provides services that ensure successful elections. It was joined in Kyrgyzstan by vendors of electronic voting technologies.

Everyone submitted their proposals to a diverse audience that included representatives of the Presidency of the Republic, government, parliament, the Central Electoral Commission, members of the public, the media and political parties.