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Caracas, October 13th 2013.- Some 100 students of computer sciences (and related majors) from several Venezuelan universities proved their knowledge and passion for programming during the Smartmatic CONNECT 2013 Marathon, which took place on Sunday, October 13th in Caracas.  

Contestants had to solve five problems using different programming languages, and submit their solutions through the automated support system for programming contests BOCA, employed during the ACM-ICPC (International College Programming Contests) in all of Latin America.

Smartmatic, a company committed to supporting academic development, has organized this marathon in five opportunities, cementing its investment in the development of human capital and promoting healthy competition among the country’s talent.  

“We are convinced that the biggest contribution we can make to any country is to invest in its people. At Smartmatic, we’re proud to promote these activities, which encourage the academic and professional development of our youth”, said Samira Saba, Smartmatic’s Communications Director.

The brightest
The following duos were the winners of this fifth edition of Smartmatic CONNECT: team P = NP, Dixon Morán and Luis Argüellos, first place; team Los Caballero, Kenyer Domínguez and Saúl Hidalgo, second place; team XTerminators, José Antonio Sánchez and Ricardo Monascal, third place; and team Tuk Tuk,  Emilio Tirado y Ricardo Tovar, fourth place.

Dixon Morán and Luis Argüellos will now tackle another great challenge as they participate in the first edition of this marathon in Panama, on October 26th, but serving the role of judges.