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Parliamentary elections in Venezuela reaffirm success of Smartmatic technology

Caracas, December 5, 2005. ?
The legislative elections held in Venezuela on December 4th revalidated the security of and confidence in Smartmatic?s automated voting system.

Despite the complexity of the election, where initially there were 3,555 candidates, 184 parliamentarians across the nation (167 deputies to the National Assembly, 12 deputies to the Latin-American Parliament and five deputies to the Andean Parliament), the process was performed in a fast, smooth way with no inconvenience.

At the end of the voting, the subsequent audit- which consisted of the opening of 45% (12,260) of the ballot boxes ?validated the election results and reconfirmed the reliability of the SAES system. The Organization of American States (OAS) and the European Union (EU)- were both present at the audits and declared that the SAES voting machines were highly reliable and faithfully recorded the will of the voter.

In an initial report by the National Election Council (CNE) and Smartmatic, it was revealed that 100% of the SAES machines used in the 9,235 voting centers were installed and initiated in a record time and functioned perfectly from the beginning of the process.

Once 80% of the votes were counted, the CNE reported that 2,973,872 voters participated. From the first official bulletin of the National Election Board, it was concluded that the event was carried out without technical problems (even when the rains delayed the opening of the voting centers in states such as Miranda, Carabobo, Zulia y Barinas).

Jorge Rodríguez, president of Venezuela?s National Election Authority, stated that the process was carried out normally and without problems, and highlighted the speed of the results due to the automated voting system.

Oscar Battaglini, Principal Election Rector, recalled the different audits made during the organization of the elections, which allowed the international observers to prove the security of the automated voting system, as well as to confirm the confidentiality of the vote in Venezuela , as a result of the technological programs and conditions used by Smartmatic.

The SAES election solution was subjected to different audits before the parliamentary elections, some CNE, by representatives of the political organizations, by international observers, by public organizations by and technical experts within the area. These included: Engineering trials (October 28th and 29th, 2005), Election Trial (November 13th, 2005), Source Code Audit (November 17th, 2005) and the pre-dispatch audit (November 27th, 2005). In all these opportunities, the election technology from Smartmatic demonstrated the high quality of its performance and the reliability and accuracy of its results.

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