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Caracas, May 12 2011.- Microsoft Corporation granted its certification to Smartmatic's USP SmartCAD® (an application that covers the full cycle of emergency response operations) as part of their Microsoft Platform Ready Program, aimed at independent software developer partners.

USP SmartCAD® is a security application designed for handling emergency calls and the management, control and constant supervision of the available resources that are to be allocated effectively when responding to incidents. It offers immediate responses to circumstances and situations that may compromise citizen security, by means of a quick and effective coordination of agencies involved in security and disaster relief.   

In order to obtain this certification, Smartmatic presented three customer satisfaction references from clients that have used the technology, and sent the application to an accredited Microsoft representative who performed an exhaustive series of technical tests, which included: data integrity tests, stability of the application under rigorous operating conditions, adequate use of the operating system?s technical resources, adequate exception handling, among others.

'We are extremely pleased to belong to the Microsoft Partner Network.  Thanks to this alliance we are confident we will be working hand in hand with Microsoft, exploring new business opportunities for our solutions and products, and promoting better and more productive relations with our customers', commented José Antonio Madriz, Smartmatic's Information Technology Executive VP.

From a technical standpoint, having this certification gives Smartmatic access to Internal Use Licences for Microsoft products and to its direct support line; it also enables the support of Microsoft consultants for training, design and internal implementation of Microsoft products, access to new product versions, and an overall increase in competitiveness of Smartmatic's solutions.