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Jack Blaine appears on Nightly Business Report

Boca Raton, October 29, 2004.-
Smartmatic President Jack Blaine appeared on the Nightly Business Report, which is the most-watched daily business news program on American television and is distributed to 177 countries worldwide.

In introducing Jack Blaine, NBR senior reporter Jess Yastine had this to say: "One company that has already passed the first hurdle for electronic voting machines is Smartmatic. The firm's product made its debut recently in a hotly contested presidential recall vote in South America. Smartmatic hopes its machines will soon take their place in U.S. balloting as well....Venezuela's [President Hugo] Chavez won the recall vote, with the results certified by the Carter Center, and the Organization of American States. But perhaps the biggest winner was Smartmatic, in the first real test of its electronic voting devices."

Describing the importance of a Voter-Verified Paper Trail, Jack Blaine explained: "That's why I think it's so important to have a paper trail because ...the average person doesn't know what happens after they push the button. However, with a paper trail, they can see the result....And at the end of the day, a manual audit that used to be done can still be done and it can be compared with the electronic result. So you have the best of both worlds, again, if it's done correctly."

Jack Blaine went on to discuss the importance of security, auditability and ease of use in a voting system. But transparency is vital to ensure public confidence in the reliability of the electoral vote. "That's why I keep coming back to the paper vote, because they can actually see the result, they put it in their ballot box just like they always did and they know there's going to be an audit at the end of the day; they are going to test a certain number of those votes against the actual result that's been totaled in the electronic system."

The interview was concluded as Jack Blaine described Smartmatic's plans to bring its electronic voting solution to beyond Venezuela to other countries in Latin America, to the United States, and to Europe.

About Smartmatic
Smartmatic is a multinational company that specializes in the design and end-to-end deployment of complex purpose-specific technology solutions. With an unsurpassed technology base, continuous innovation, and quality in processes and results, Smartmatic is organized around three business areas: Electronic voting systems, intelligent and integrated security systems for large enterprises and governments, and advanced solutions for people registration and authentication for a wide range of government applications.

Smartmatic is a privately held company with offices in the US, Mexico, Venezuela, Barbados, Spain, Philippines and Taiwan.  It has more than 200 employees worldwide.  Its capacity for innovation and wide range of products and services have earned Smartmatic extensive recognition in the technology community worldwide.

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