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London, December 01 2012.- The prestigious International Centre for Parliamentary Studies (ICPS)  recently delivered the 6th Professional Certificate in Electoral Processes, as part of the specialized training program, offered by the institution, for international electoral officials.

From November 26 to 30, a panel of electoral experts lectured on subjects related to current electoral practices and procedures, to offer an exhaustive perspective in current topics and special training for professionals working in the field.  

Smartmatic, a leading technology supplier that has carried out the largest-scale e-voting events in the world with optical scanners (the Philippines) and with voting machines featuring printed vouchers (Venezuela), participated in the program hosting two sessions by Heider Garcia, Director of Electoral Solutions. The first session, titled "Election Management: from hiring to delivery of results, how to work successfully with technology", covered the selection process for voting technology and the criteria that must be considered when automating an election; the second session, "New Voting Technologies", reviewed the concepts of the voting automation curve, a piece of original research by Smartmatic.   

"We at ICPS are committed to promoting best practice in the electoral field through professional development of the electoral community. The courses that we provide culminate in a chartered professional qualification accredited by the Chartered Management Institute. Our trainers are world leaders in their respective fields and we are grateful to Smartmatic, the world leader in voting technology, to have agreed to share their expertise and hard earned research with our trainees", stated Matt Gokhool, CEO of ICPS.

According to Mr. Gokhool, the program covers the essential tools to manage an electoral process from beginning to end, covering a wide range of subjects such as voter registration, the role of technology, budgeting, communication strategies, project management, electoral psychology, management of Election Day and the ballot count, ensuring transparency, robustness and transparency, working with international observer missions and the media, and the delivery of authentic, credible results.