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Manila, June 3rd 2013.- On May 13, in only 10 hours, 766,672,141 votes were cast in the Philippines to elect 18,022 national and local officials during their 2013 midterm elections.

Smartmatic, world leader in elections automation, provided technology and services to the Filipino Commission on Elections, thus playing a vital role to the success of the process. Thanks to the efficient e-counting machines that captured the voters' intent, and the secure transmission of data to tallying centers, reliable and legitimate results were made available to the public via internet.

"We are proud to have reciprocated with efficiency and transparency the trust bestowed upon us by the Filipinos. After two successful national elections, thousands of candidates elected, and 1.5 billion of votes counted, our commitment toward better elections in the Philippines is stronger than ever", said Antonio Mugica, CEO of Smartmatic.

In 2010 the Philippines trusted Smartmatic to carry out the largest e-counting project to date. Those elections were deemed a success by most experts in election administration. After decades of extremely slow counting and very late proclamation of winners, Filipinos saw the fast announcements of results as a clear demonstration of the positive effects that automation has brought to their democracy.

"The midterm elections represent for the Philippines another giant step towards becoming a world reference in election administration", said Cesar Flores, President for Smartmatic Asia Pacific.

Key facts about the Midterm elections:

  • The 82,200 voting machines COMELEC recently bought from Smartmatic were used again for the midterm elections. Along with other electoral materials, they were deployed across the more than 7,000 islands comprising the Philippines.
  • Around 18,022 national and local posts were elected by an electoral roll of 52,333,801 voters. 766,672,141 votes were cast.
  • Smartmatic supplied its proprietary E-Day Monitor software to empower the National Support Center (NSC). The NSC is the country-wide headquarters mandated to render technical assistance to each component of the elections. The NSC featured a 600-seat call center.