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Bogota, March 10 2011.- Colombia has started to think about the future of its political elections, and on how they can be carried out in a truthful and transparent fashion.  Electronic voting comes as an alternative that has been present in every election for the last 10 years in countries such as the Philippines, Belgium, India, Venezuela and Brazil. 

Eduardo Correia, Vice-president of Smartmatic's Electoral Unit, explains the importance and advantages that implementing an automated voting system would imply, including: 

- Speed when voting, since the physical ballot is eliminated; the system also incorporates a help system for people who are illiterate or have some disability, while still preserving the secrecy of the vote.
- Agility when averaging and counting the votes since the process is done automatically, eliminating manual counting
- The placement and organization of the necessary elements for voting: in the case of traditional voting, tables, ballots, paper and ballot boxes are required, among other things, while electronic voting does away with 50% of the voting tools traditionally needed.  
- Security, given by the system?s audit function, which can operate during the voting or after it has ended

On the other hand, the investment in equipment and training, not only of the people who would operate the machines but also of the voters, is hefty; however, there would be benefits on the long run since the paperwork-related costs of traditional voting are cut. 

If you wish to listen to the full interview, click on this link.
Original post in Caracol Radio.