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La Esmeralda, Ecuador, July 15th, 2012.- For the first time, the National Electoral Council of Ecuador has used electronic voting with Smartmatic technology for the election of five members to the Junta Parroquial Rural [Rural Parish Council] in the parish of La Esmeralda in the canton of Montalvo (Los Ríos).

Under this pilot plan, the easy and proper functioning of the new system was validated by Ecuadorian citizens. According to the first surveys, voters found the Smartmatic technology to be simple and easy, and the members of the board commented on the trial’s good results. In addition to increased participation (92.23%) and the punctuality of the initiation of the process, the closing and the transmission took only about ten minutes and the subsequent audit showed 100% accuracy for the system, assuring trustworthy and transparent elections.

This novel system consists of an electronic ballot and a voting machine with a touchscreen. Once candidates are selected on the electronic ballot, the voter can confirm them on the computer screen and press the “Vote” button to submit their vote. Then the machine prints a voucher that is deposited into the ballot box.

Over the last ten years Smartmatic has been the company that has conducted the most computerized elections in the world. This multinational company has successfully deployed its electronic voting technology in many electoral procedures in the Philippines, the United States, Latin America, and the Caribbean, precisely registering and counting more than a billion and a half votes. Its advanced technology has been recognized by important international observers.