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Caracas, October 23, 2006.- During the past weekend, in Caracas, students and seasoned professionals competed as equals against each other, within the celebration of the I CONNECT Programming Marathon. By means of this initiative, Smartmatic offered 40 team the opportunity to demonstrate their skills in the resolution of problems, while having a good time and obtaining many prizes.

Antonio Mugica, president of Smartmatic, showed his satisfaction before the massive concurrence. " Venezuela can be a world-wide power in the development of technological solutions. Smartmatic employees are an example of this potential", he said.

Following international standards for programming competitions, the challenge consisted in the resolution of a set of seven problems, using languages such as Java, C#, C++, C and Pascal, during a maximum term of five hours. The results were collated by a jury integrated by recognized academics from the universities of Carabobo (UC), Simon Bolivar (USB), Catholic Andres Bello (UCAB) and Central of Venezuela (UCV), as well as a specialist from Smartmatic.

The competition consisted of two stages: a group test and an individual test. The first one was carried out on Saturday, October 21, with the participation of the 40 teams. On the following day, the members of the five first teams demonstrated their skills individually, trying to obtain more prizes.

Under the team name of "-Topcoders", Eduardo Feo and Gustavo Fandiño finished as leaders of the first stage, winning a prize of Bs. 4 million in cash ($1860). The second place, with Bs. 3 million ($1400), was for Raimundo Mirisola and Carlos Henríquez ("Dead Pixels"), followed by brothers Ignacio and Eduardo Calderon Lopez ("Akroma"), who took Bs. 2 million ($930).

In the individual competition, Raimundo Mirisola won, after beating the other nine best programmers in the competition. He was accompanied in the honor roll by Ignacio Calderon and Carlos Henriquez.

Mirisola and Calderon won a trip with all expenses paid to Silicon Valley, American cradle of great technology companies, including Smartmatic. Also, first and third individual places took their prizes home: iPod multimedia devices. All participants in the individual competition, winners or not, were awarded an iPod Nano.

As part of its strategy like a socially responsible company, Smartmatic supports the promotion of students and professionals in the areas of computation and engineering. CONNECT arises like an initiative that will allow to strengthen the skills of such talents, thus positioning Venezuela as a world-wide reference in the development of technological solutions.


About Smartmatic
Smartmatic is a multinational company that specializes in the design and end-to-end deployment of complex purpose-specific technology solutions. With an unsurpassed technology base, continuous innovation, and quality in processes and results, Smartmatic is organized around three business areas: Electronic voting systems, intelligent and integrated security systems for large enterprises and governments, and advanced solutions for people registration and authentication for a wide range of government applications.
Smartmatic is a privately held company with offices in the US, Mexico, Venezuela, Barbados, Spain, Philippines and Taiwan. It has more than 200 employees worldwide. Its capacity for innovation and wide range of products and services have earned Smartmatic extensive recognition in the technology community worldwide.

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