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Curacao, Netherland Antilles, April 29th 2009.- Based on a previous successful experience back in 2007, Curacao will again be holding an election using Smartmatic's auditable platform, SAES. Curacao is one of five island areas of the Netherlands Antilles, and as such, is a part of the Kingdom of the Netherlands. 

The 2007 General Council Election was regarded as a flawless event, and it became a key reference in the present confidence the government of Curacao has in Smartmatic and its SAES platform. ''Smartmatic guarantees successful electoral projects and legitimate results with the most accurate auditable voting technology and experienced personnel, and we are pleased to serve Curacao democracy again'', said Antonio Mugica, Smartmatic's Chief Executive Officer.

For this election all eligible citizens will have the chance to vote using the Smartmatic machines. Under the terms of the agreement, Smartmatic will also provide equipment maintenance and repair, product documentation, training and technical support during Election Day, as well as project management services. The election will be held in two languages, Dutch and Papiamentu.

All audits conducted in the Council Election of 2007 showed the electronic results to be extremely precise. According to an Electoral Council spokesperson supporting this new approach: ''The outcome of the machines resulted to be very reliable and there is no necessity to count what is on paper''. 

SAES features multiple security layers that ensure the accuracy of the results, and also allows the government and civil organizations of the Island Territory of Curacao to perform several types of audits to the system. SAES will be fully operational on May 15, 2009 for the Referendum.


About Smartmatic

Smartmatic is a multinational company that designs and deploys technological solutions aimed at helping governments fulfill, in the most efficient way, their commitments with their citizens. It is one of the largest cutting-edge technology suppliers, with a wide and proven experience in the United States, Asia, Latin America and the Caribbean.
Smartmatic aims to help societies become more efficient and transparent, through technological innovations and it is responsible for several top and advanced innovations available in the market around three business areas: electronic auditable voting systems, intelligent and integrated security platforms, and advanced solutions for people registration and authentication for a wide range of government applications.
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