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Cartagena, November 2nd 2011.-  Framed within its corporate social responsibility plans and ongoing commitment to education, social initiatives toward the city of Cartagena and especially toward its children, and in support of the social mission promoted by the National Beauty Contest every year, Smartmatic through its Colcard Consortium donated the illustrated children´s book "Júkiti-Túkiti-Tá", written by Antonio Mugica (Smartmatic´s CEO), and 600 school kits to the children of  "14 de febrero" elementary school of Cartagena.  

The donation act, inscribed in Colcard´s Corporate Social Responsibility Plan, was held on 2 November at the aforementioned school, which belongs to the National Beauty Contest where the pageant contestants enjoyed reading sessions interacting with the children.

Fernando Jodra, President of Smartmatic Latin America and Manager of Colcard, hosted the donation ceremony, where he stated that "We are very pleased to participate in this event. Through this donation of kits and books to the students and to the school's library, we want to encourage reading and creativity among children, thus initiating the Consortium's social contributions to the city of Cartagena."

The Colcard Consortium, formed by the multinational technology company Smartmatic and its partner Dataprom, is committed to Cartagena's progress, not only through the implementation of the new fare collection system for the city's Mass Transit network, but also through continuous cooperation with Cartagena´s authorities, citizens, visitors and future. 

About Smartmatic
Smartmatic is a multinational company that designs and deploys technological solutions that allow governmental organisms and large corporations to meet their obligations to citizens in the most efficient manner. Founded around an elite team guided by the principle of continuous improvement, Smartmatic supplies unmatched technology in three key business divisions:   
- Electoral Solutions
- Identity Management
- Smart Cities
Regarding the latter, Smartmatic will be in charge of fare collection in the Transcaribe system from 2012 onwards, in the city of Cartagena and its surrounding municipalities; advanced smartcards will be used for payment, and the solution will include smartcard vending machines plus an efficient, real-time fleet management and control system.  

About Dataprom
Dataprom Industrial Computer Equipment and Services is a company with 22 years of experience, during which it has developed and designed original smart technological solutions aimed to improve the citizens` quality of life.  The company uses the most modern technology in all its production and operation processes, transforming its values and mission into cutting edge products that cater to the customer's needs with both safety and responsibility.