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Boca Raton, July 14th 2011.- Picture yourself living in a city where roads have sensors that detect traffic density in real time, and send information to your vehicle so it can decide on a route automatically; or a safe city where you can walk the streets at any hour and use a top-quality, efficient and quick public transportation system; or a green city where the environment gets a high level of respect, where technologies offer better knowledge of any situation; and in the end, where your quality of life as a citizen is highly improved.

Under the concept of Smart Cities, Smartmatic supplies the most innovative and advanced technological resources to solve the needs of cities in the fields of Public Transportation and Public Safety. "Launching Smart Cities is a response to the need of integrating different technological solutions already offered by Smartmatic and to allow authorities to take care of their citizens in the fields of security, mobility and healthcare, among others", commented Antonio Mugica, Smartmatic's CEO. 

These technologies, designed to humanize cities, are nowadays more reality than science fiction. "The city of tomorrow will be the same city we inhabit today; the great changes that are coming will not be built with cement, but with technology and planning", added Mugica.
The efficacy of urban automation projects is closely linked to the development of appropriate, tailor-made technologies, and that of business and operation models adapted to local needs. "Smartmatic's success lies in the fact that we know well how to combine a deep local knowledge of the world regions where we operate, with our capacity of creating and adapting integral solutions swiftly", remarked  Paul Babic, VP of Smartmatic's Smart Cities Business.

Smartmatic supplies turnkey solutions that enable governments to improve the quality of life of their citizens. The company has ample experience in mission critical projects, a significant number of professional experts and the best technology available. All of this is now focused into making cities safer and more sustainable.