1. The UCR will ask to implement electronic voting in Mendoza

    Mendoza, December 14, 2011.-  With the participation of the Civic Foundation, the Radical Civic Union (Unión Cívica Radical UCR) is boosting the use of electronic voting in the upcoming elections in Mendoza, Argentina. The proposal is backed up...[more]

  2. Smartmatic showcased its Identity Management Solution in Canberra, Australia

    Canberra, Australia, December 1st, 2011.- Multinational technology company Smartmatic presented its advanced Identity Management solution, PARmobile and PARclient, at the 7th Biometrics Institute Technology's Showcase & Exhibition recently...[more]

  3. Smartmatic showcases its advanced electronic voting system in Mexico

    México, November 23rd 2011.-  Smartmatic has participated throughout the Electoral Campaigns Expo that has taken place from November 23 to 25 in Mexico City, where the company's directives affirmed that the Aztec country is ready to implement...[more]

  4. Colcard Consortium unites efforts for Cartagena´s education

    Cartagena, November 2nd 2011.-  Framed within its corporate social responsibility plans and ongoing commitment to education, social initiatives toward the city of Cartagena and especially toward its children, and in support of the social...[more]

  5. UNASUR´s Electoral Mission: "Bolivia has South America´s best biometric registry"

    La Paz, October 17th 2011.- The chief of the Electoral Observation Mission (EOM) of the South American Union of Nations (UNASUR), Fausto Camacho, stated that "Bolivia has, in all certainty, the best  biometric  voting registry of the...[more]

  6. Smartmatic joins experts at the Annual International Electoral Affairs Symposium 2011

    London, October 12th, 2011.- From October 12th to 13th, the International Centre for Parliamentary Studies will hold in the city of London the 4th Annual International Electoral Affairs Symposium 2011, based on the theme of "Conducting...[more]

  7. Smartmatic receives 2011 U.S. Commerce Association Award in Identity Management

    Boca Raton, September 21th, 2011.- Smartmatic, a leading multinational technology supplier, has been selected by the U.S. Commerce Association (USCA) as a recipient of the 2011 Best of Boca Raton Award in the Identity Management Systems category....[more]

  8. Mobility and safety: key elements of smart cities

    Bogota, September 20th 2011.- Solving urban mobility problems goes beyond building new infrastructure or expanding the one already in place. Successful experiences in several countries point the way towards the gradual implementation of urban...[more]

  9. Urban mobility projects in Latin America speed up

    Caracas, September 8th 2011.- When it comes to urban planning, currently one of the biggest challenges is finding and setting in motion efficient transportation solutions for the big cities around the globe. How can this be accomplished? ...[more]

  10. What will elections be like in the future?

    Bogota, August 14th, 2011.- Voting automation is nowadays a worldwide trend. It is expected that sooner or later all democracies around the globe will migrate to electronic systems, within a timeframe of 20 years. This is a subject that generates...[more]