1. Smartmatic electronic voting system 99.8% successful in pilot

    Caracas, July 19, 2004.- Smartmatic Corporation, a Boca Raton-based provider of highly secure device-networking technologies, today announced the national test pilot of its electronic voting system (SAES) was 99.8 percent successful. The referendum...[more]

  2. Smartmatic engineering test 100% successful

    Caracas, June 26, 2004.- Smartmatic Corporation, a Boca Raton-based provider of highly secure device networking technologies, today announced the Engineering Test of its electronic voting solution was a major success. The test, designed to check...[more]

  3. 15,500 voting machines in Venezuela

    Caracas, June 25, 2004.- 15,500 of the 20 thousand voting machines that will be used by the Venezuelan voters to exercise their right to vote during the upcoming presidential recall referendum and the subsequent elections, are already in the...[more]

  4. Voting technology demonstrations begin

    Maracay, June 19, 2004.- A batch made up by seven SAES3000 voting machines arrived this Friday to Aragua's headquarters of the Electoral National Council (CNE). The machines were sent there to show their operation to the voters of that state, by...[more]

  5. Referendum's automation is 100% secure and auditable

    Caracas, June 11, 2004.- During a press conference held at the headquarters of the Venezuelan Electoral Power, Antonio Mugica, representative of the SBC Consortium, explained that the voter will only need to touch the computer's screen, where there...[more]

  6. Electronic voting pads for Venezuelan elections arrive

    Caracas, April 21, 2004.- The first 100 electronic pads, out of the 45 thousand purchased by the National Electoral Council for the upcoming regional, municipal, and legislative elections, arrived in perfect state to Venezuela. Produced in Taipei,...[more]

  7. First batch of voting machines arrives to Venezuela

    Caracas, April 14, 2004.- The first batch, comprised of 1,000 SAES3000 voting machines, reached Venezuela today. The aforementioned machines were manufactured by Olivetti Tecnost in accordance with Smartmatic specifications; and they were...[more]

  8. Cestek and Smartmatic renew agreement for three more years

    Mexico City, March 19, 2004.- Smartmatic, the device-networking solutions developer, and Cestek Dimeyco Sistemas, a technology supplier and integrator, extended, for three more years, their business agreement that started in November 2002, in order...[more]

  9. CNE signs contract for the purchase of new voting technology

    Caracas, March 6, 2004.- The Venezuelan National Electoral Council (CNE) signed a contract with the SBC Consortium for the acquisition of 20.000 voting machines, manufactured by the Italian firm Olivetti Tecnost, according to Smartmatic's...[more]

  10. Santander-Serfin Bank installs SmartBank in more than 520 branch-offices

    Mexico City, March 3, 2004.- Santander-Serfin, one of the three most important financial groups in Mexico, signed its third contract with Smartmatic to install SmartBank's AVTM module to undertake the unified security and video-surveillance...[more]