1. What is Smartmatic?

    Smartmatic is a privately-owned, multinational company that designs and deploys technological solutions aimed at helping governments to fulfill, in the most efficient way, their commitments with their citizens. It is a fast-growing, cutting-edge...[more]

  2. How many offices and employees does Smartmatic have?

    Smartmatic has over 600 specialized employees in offices in the United States, United Kingdom, The Netherlands, Belgium, Mexico, Panama, Barbados, Brazil, Venezuela, Philippines, India, and Taiwan. It also has operations centers in countries where...[more]

  3. What services does Smartmatic offer?

    The main services offered by Smartmatic include: Design and development of advanced technological solutions: hardware, software and services from start to finish. Project management: planning, monitoring, control, execution and ...[more]

  4. How is the Smartmatic structure? Who are the members of Smartmatic’s Board of Directors?

    As a leading global provider, the Smartmatic Group has an international ownership structure comparable to many multi-national companies. Smartmatic is a private capital Netherlands Holding Corporation, which owns several subsidiaries. Its structure...[more]

  5. What are Smartmatic vision and mission?

    VISION: Moving civilization forward with technology that has a profound social impact. MISSION: To create innovative technology for people to make their governments more transparent and efficient.[more]

  6. What has been the experience of Smartmatic in the world?

    Smartmatic has a global footprint reaching all corners where it can add value to the objective of efficiency and transparency of governments around the world. Since August 2004, Smartmatic has successfully organized, performed, or provided the...[more]

  7. What differentiates Smartmatic in the market?

    It is a company that creates and deploys innovative technology to solve the specific problems of a particular society, guaranteeing more efficient and transparent processes, from start to finish, for governments and its citizens. Smartmatic has...[more]

  8. Is any government / ruler a Smartmatic shareholder?

    No. Smartmatic is a private and independent technology provider and it maintains as a strict corporate policy not to proffer political opinions in any country. No ruler or state owns shares or any part in the company. Since the company's mission...[more]

  9. Does Smartmatic only provide technology and products?

    Smartmatic goes far beyond the sale of equipment and software. It has the know-how and experience to provide a full range of consulting and supervisory services. High-level consulting to electoral authorities, training of personnel such as poll...[more]

  10. What are Smartmatic’s most important recent achievements?

    Many technologies introduced by Smartmatic in the fields of electronic voting, biometrics and government solutions in general are now industry standards and in many cases mandatory requirements on those industries. Each year since...[more]